Yemeni army take control of strategic mountain chains in Lahej

ADEN: The Yemeni army and joint resistance forces – backed by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces and fighter jets – have made a series of victories in the Karsh front towards Al Rahda in the Governorate of Lahej, south of Yemen.

The pro-government forces have achieved significant field progress and took control of the strategic Dhawari Hills and Rakb Al Khayashim Mount in Al Qabbaytah District, north of Lahej Governorates, and also seized Mountain ranges in Beit Hamim, overlooking Al Rahda, south of Taiz, and Al Aseyeda Mountain, overlooking the Sehi area, in lightning military operations that confused the Houthi militia’s ranks and exhausted their military capabilities.

Commanded by Major General Fadhl Al Amri, Commander of the Fourth Military Command, and Commander of Karsh Front, the Yemeni army surrounded the Iran-backed Houthi militia and expelled them in a military operation in Al Rahda front. Supported by the Arab Coalition, the Yemeni army and joint resistance forces killed dozens of Houthi militiamen, captured large quantities of light and medium arms as well as munitions after they lifted the siege on Taiz and cleared it from the Houthi elements.

In another field development, the pro-government forces are advancing in the fronts of Al Shuraiga, Hamala, Tor Al Baha, Al Qabbaytah and Haifan, retaking strategic sites from the grip of the rebels amid major collapses of their fortifications and defenses following the frequent defeats in multiple fronts.


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