Yemeni Army advances in Al Shuraijah, Al Rahida

Thu 19-04-2018 20:16 PM

LAHEJ, 19th April, 2018 (WAM) — Backed by the Arab Coalition Forces supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, the Yemeni National Army and Resistance Forces, in a powerful military operation, advanced into the Al Shuraijah and Al Rahida area and controlled the strategic Al Merkham mountains, the Ar Ruzma As Sawdaa small hill, west of Al Shuraijah, the Al Ghareeb mountain, north of Al Hamala, and the two small hills of Al Hamra and Karba in Tur Al Bahah.

This attack also resulted in the death of numerous members of the Iranian Houthi militias, exhausting their military abilities.

The forces continue to advance with direct support from the Arab Coalition Command in Aden in the direction of Al Rahida city, situated south-east of the Taiz governorate, which has been captured by the Iranian Houthi militias as a military base to supply weapons and ammunition to several fronts. The forces managed to occupy strategic locations belonging to the militia and control the Al Merkham Mountains overlooking the border connecting Al Shuraijah and Al Rahida , which are subsidiaries of the Taiz governorate and opened the roads towards the Al Rahida area and its liberation.

The Yemeni National Army and Resistance Forces moved towards the Al Shuraijah front in a ground and air operation, backed by the Coalition Forces with heavy military machinery and air cover directed at the militia positions. They delivered surprise blows which resulted in the death and injury in the Houthis’ ranks and huge losses in equipment.

Al Shuraijah is considered the eastern entrance to the Taiz governorate and liberating it will result in the fall of other fronts under the control of the Iranian Houthi militias. They are staring at defeat and are no longer capable of resisting except through the bombardment of residential areas.

The Coalition fighters targeted the areas where the militias are engaged in continuous confrontation to ensure the defeat of the Houthis. The forces managed to occupy many of the strategic locations, capture a number of the armed members of the militias, and find weapons and ammunition, which they intended to use against the civilians already affected by the military operation.

With the support of the Arab Coalition Forces, the Yemeni National Army and Resistance Forces continue to achieve military victories, leading to the complete cleansing of Kirsh and Al Shuraijah,, reaching the borders of Al Rahida to direct fatal blows to the Iranian-engineered coup in Yemen.

WAM/Nour Salman/Tariq alfaham


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