Worker to be executed for rape, murder

Ruling in absentia to absconder who raped and killed victim for posting relative’s photo on Internet

Dubai: A worker will be executed for taking a man to desert where he raped him and then asphyxiated him with a rope for posting his female relative’s photos on the internet.

The 33-year-old Pakistani worker conspired with his 21-year-old countryman blacksmith against their 30-year-old victim, who had just arrived to Dubai in March 2018.

The murderer and his blacksmith friend lured the Pakistani victim to a car ride and drove to a desert area near Jebel Ali where the 33-year-old had forced sex with the victim.

After the rape, the Pakistani defendants strangulated the victim with a rope.

The 33-year-old accused stuffed sand inside the victim’s mouth even as the latter resisted and struggled to breathe.

After making sure that the victim had died, they covered his body with sand and rocks then drove back from the desert area in Jebel Ali.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced in absentia the 33-year-old convict to death for raping and killing the victim.

“He will also spend two years in jail for robbing the deceased,” said presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

According to Tuesday’s judgement, presiding judge Jamal handed the 21-year-old convicted accomplice 10 years in jail for the premeditated murder and an additional year in jail for stealing.

The 21-year-old accomplice will be deported after serving his punishment.

Workers who live in a labour accommodation notified their supervisor about a foul smell coming from a nearby spot before the victim’s body was found buried under sand.

Crime scene investigators were summoned to the area where the 30-year-old victim’s corpse was found.

Forensic examiners confirmed that the body was partly decomposed, the fingers had been eaten by stray animals and different parts of the body..

Primary police interrogations exposed the involvement of the 21-year-old Pakistani blacksmith, who was arrested.

According to the charges sheet, prosecutors said the fugitive suspect conspired with his countryman in driving the victim to the desert where they tied his hands and legs and strangulated him to death after the 33-year-old had raped him.

The 21-year-old accused pleaded not guilty and refuted his accusations.

“I was not involved in the murder. The fugitive [33-year-old accused] is the one who killed the victim because of a previous dispute. He fled from the city,” argued the defendant.

A police lieutenant said the 21-year-old admitted during questioning that he abetted the fugitive in killing the victim.

“He said the 33-year-old was angry at the victim because he had reportedly posted photos of his female relatives on the internet. The accused claimed that they lured the 30-year-old man to a car ride and stopped at a petrol station to buy some drinks and then went to the desert. He alleged that the absconder asked him to leave them alone at that spot and when he stood afar, he saw the 33-year-old raping the victim. He said later they tied the victim’s hands and legs and strangled him with a rope. He also alleged that when the victim tried to resist and breathe, the 33-year-old stuffed sand in his mouth to force him to stop breathing,” the lieutenant testified.

The 21-year-old defendant’s ruling remains subject to appeal. Meanwhile the ruling in absentia against the 33-year-old is subject for a retrial.


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