Worker rescued from sewer hole

A worker holds his unconsciousness colleague for eight minutes to prevent him falling into sewer hole

Dubai: A sewer worker has been hailed as a hero for saving the life of his colleague.

Dubai Police said a man called 999 while he was holding his unconscious workmate who was trapped in a sewer hole last Tuesday.

Lt Colonel Abdullah Ali Beshwa, Director of Land Rescue Department at Dubai Police, said they were alerted at 4:30pm, about an Asian worker who was trapped in a sewer hole at a villa in Dubai.

“The worker had inhaled toxic gases and lost consciousness while carrying out sewer maintenance work in a villa in Springs area. He was slipping down the sewer hole but his workmate held him from his an arm for around eight minutes until a search and rescue unit of Dubai Police reached there,” Lt Col Beshwa said.

“When we reached the place, the worker was holding his workmate at the edge of the sewer hole but he couldn’t pull him up. We rescued the worker and paramedics gave him first aid before shifting him to Rashid Hospital where he was treated for serious injuries,” Lt Col Beshwa added.

Dubai Police have urged workers to take necessary safety measures while working at sewer holes where methane gas can knock a person unconscious and it can also prove fatal.

Dubai Police carried out more than 1,700 land rescue missions during the first two months of 2018.


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