Worker cleared of hugging, groping woman going to gym

Dubai: A worker has been cleared of hugging and groping a secretary after he followed her in a parking lot while she was heading to a gym.

The Indian secretary said she was heading to the gym and took the route she constantly takes at 9.30pm in March.

Once she walked through the parking lot, the secretary reportedly alleged that she saw the 38-year-old Bangladeshi worker whom she had never seen before. The parking lot was empty and the man took the woman by surprise when he hugged and groped her private parts and ran away.

The Indian woman called the police and a patrol team arrived at the parking lot within a few minutes.

The secretary accompanied two policemen in the police patrol vehicle that combed Al Nahda area for nearly 10 minutes until the worker was found and apprehended.

On Tuesday, the Dubai Court of First Instance acquitted the 38-year-old worker of groping the secretary due to lack of corroborated evidence.

The suspect had pleaded not guilty plea before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

A police sergeant claimed in his statement that they were dispatched to Al Nahda area where the incident was reported to have happened.

“The secretary told us that she takes the same route from her residence to the gym daily … she claimed that as she was walking through the parking behind a residential tower, the man followed her. She alleged that she had not seen him before. The worker hugged her from the back and then groped her, she alleged. She accompanied us in the police patrol vehicle and followed the same daily route that she walks looking for the suspect … once we reached a site under construction, the woman pointed towards a man sitting near the site, cried and claimed that he was the one who groped her. We stopped the man, who panicked when he saw the woman especially as she cried,” the sergeant claimed.

The primary ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.


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