Woman, others remanded for murdering younger sister

Karachi: A judicial magistrate on Monday remanded four alleged murderers, including a woman, into police custody. The woman is suspected of stabbing her younger sister to death.

The four accused including Aleena, Mazhar, Ahsan and Abbas have been remanded until December 15.

Initially registered as a routine robbery and murder case in the Malir district of this city, the incident took a twist on Sunday when police held a press conference and produced Aleena as the murderer. She repeated her confession in the presence of media.

Aleena had initially told police that robbers had forced their way into their home, and Alveena, the 16-year younger sister, tried to resist the robber with a kitchen knife. According to the fabricated story, Aleena claimed that the robber snatched the knife from Alveena and stabbed her to death with it. Aleena herself had sustained cut wounds.

However, police investigations disclosed that Aleena with the assistance of her fiance had plotted the murder of her sister, who was blackmailing her. Aleena, who was brought to the press conference — unusually without her face covered — told media that her younger sister had got s hold of some pictures of Aleena in compromising positions with two men. The men, who were brothers, were introduced to Aleena by Alveena.

Aleena apparently requested Alveena to delete the pictures, but the younger sibling threatened her with social media posts in order to ruin her engagement.

Next, Aleena complained to their mother, who did not pay heed to the row, and scolded Aleena for having malicious intentions toward her younger sister.

Aleena took her fiance into confidence and duo plotted the sister’s murder.

The police, after questioning Aleena, arrested her fiance as well the two brothers, who turned out to be Alveena’s blackmailing accomplices.

Senior police officer Noman Siddiqui said that it was a very unfortunate story as the parents, who would earn only Rs30,000 (Dh1,711) a month, never questioned their daughters’ lavish lifestyle.


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