Woman hires contract killers to eliminate her son

Patna: Authorities in Bihar were stunned after a woman hired contract killers to get her own son killed, apparently fed up with his notorious activities. The police have arrested her and the two contract killers as well.

The incident took place at Bakhtiyarpur locality of Patna district early last week and the case was cracked on Friday evening.

Acting on an information, police found a body was lying outside a hotel in Bakhtiyarpur, which was later identified as Mintu Ram.

Initial investigation pointed the needle of suspicion towards a woman identified as Renu Devi. a probe into her mobile call details and arrest of a dreaded gangster, however, blew the lid off the conspiracy.

“Initially she feigned ignorance, but she broke under pressure and confessed to the conspiracy. She told us she conspired for her son’s murder since she was extremely fed up with his notorious activities,” Patna’s senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaj told the media on Saturday.

According to the woman, the entire village was irritated over the illegal activities of her son. “He was into eve-teasing and would usually harass women of the locality. Stealing and robbing had become his routine habit. He was also sent to jail in a rape case and had failed to reform himself despite repeated warnings. He had made my life a veritable hell,” she told police.

According to the police, the woman asked her son to accompany her, promising to give him money but took him to an isolated place and handed him over her to the killers.

“Right before her eyes, the gangsters beat her son badly with bamboo sticks before pushing a pistol into his mouth and shooting him dead,” police said adding. She allegedly paid Rs40,000 (Dh2,179).


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