Woman books flight for lover to go and kill her husband

Hyderabad: An investigation into the suspicious death of a migrant labourer from Bihar has revealed shocking details of how the man’s wife conspired with her lover to murder him.

According to police, the lover flew into the city from Patna, killed the husband and quickly took a return flight to Bihar in a bid to avoid detection.

“The wife and her lover even had sex after killing the husband on the night of January 31,” a police official said.

The sensational details came to light after the police arrested the wife, Malati Devi, as she was trying to flee from the city.

A team of Hyderabad police has gone to Bihar to nab the absconding killer, Neeraj Kumar.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Sai Shekhar told the media in Hyderabad that the duo had strangled the husband, Jay Mangaldas, a migrant working in an industrial unit in the city, with a piece of cloth.

“They left a suicide note written by Neeraj Kumar besides the body [in an attempt] to mislead the police,” he said.

Sanathnagar police station registered a case of suspicious death on the complaint of Mangaldas’ employer Mukesh Kumar.

Subsequently the post mortem report also confirmed that this was a case of murder and the role of Malathi Devi came under suspicion.

Mangal Das had come to Hyderabad 8 years ago with his family and had three sons. During one of his annual visits to his hometown Ibrahipur in Patna his wife developed relations with Neeraj Kumar. Once caught red handed, the husband had warned Malathi Devi against meeting Neeraj and, out of frustration, the due planned to eliminate him. Police said Malathi Devi asked her lover to take a flight to Hyderabad to execute the sinister plan.

As per the plan Neeraj took a flight to Hyderabad on January 31 evening, reached Das’ home in Fateh Nagar around midnight and killed him.


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