Windy and dusty weather to lift on Sunday

Dubai: Windy and dusty weather will continue through to Saturday, say national weather forecasters.

But dusty skies are expected to clear on Sunday, giving residents cleaner weather conditions for outdoor activities, said a forecaster from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

In recent days, dust and high winds have buffeted the UAE reducing visibility and creating unpleasant conditions outdoors for pedestrians.

As part of the long range forecast, the NCM on Friday said that the weather will be hazy in general and hot during daytime for Saturday.

The cloud amount will increase becoming convective, associated with rain by afternoon east and southward.

“Wind speed will range from 20km/h to 30km/h, and may reach as high as 45km/h, causing blowing dust and sand at times.”

According to the forecast, dust will clear from Sunday.

“It will be hot during daytime and hazy at times, with fall in temperatures. Some clouds will appear over the mountains. It will also be humid especially in the north, fog or mist may form by night and early morning.”

The hot and hazy weather during daytime continues until Tuesday with humidity to continue especially over the coast by early morning.

“It will be partly cloudy in the east on Monday and may become convective over the mountains by afternoon.”

The temperature may increase on Tuesday, with probability of some convective cloud formation in the east by afternoon.


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