Will it rain in the UAE this week?

Dubai: The temperature significantly declined over the weekend, and this week, residents can expect more areas across the UAE to experience some more rainfall and strong winds.  

According to weather forecasters at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), rainfall is expected to hit the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, while northeasterly-northwesterly winds of up to 45km/h will affect the coastal area.

In its daily forecast, the NCM said that over the next two days, it will be, “partly cloudy weather in general and hazy at times, with increasing the amount of convective clouds, especially towards [the] west.”

Moderate to strong northwesterly winds will especially affect the inland areas, picking up dust and blowing over exposed areas and at sea.

The level of humidity will increase at night and into the early morning over some internal areas, causing mist to form.

Sea will be rough in the Arabian Gulf and moderate in Oman Sea.

The lowest temperatures on Sunday, according to the NCM, was recorded at 7.1 degrees Celsius in Jebel Jais, Damtha at 8.4 degrees Celsius, Jebel Mebreh at 9.4 degrees Celsius, Al Dhaid at 10 degrees Celsius, and Al Wathba at 10.1 degrees Celsius.

The temperature until Thursday is expected to range from 12-27 degrees Celsius in coastal areas, while the mountain areas will have a minimum temperature of six degrees Celsius and a high of 19 degrees Celsius.

In the internal areas, the temperature will reach a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius with lows of 11 degrees Celsius. 


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