What to do if your car’s cruise control fails

Abu Dhabi Police issue guidelines for motorists in case they face such an emergency

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have advised motorists about the necessary steps in the event of cruise control malfunction in their vehicles. On Monday Abu Dhabi Police rescued an Emirati whose vehicle’s cruise control system failed while he was driving at 130 kilometres per hour.

Police say motorists should follow a set of necessary guidelines if the cruise control system fails.

Most importantly, motorists should keep calm and make sure seat belts are on. The driver must put the hazard lights on, and call 999 to alert the police.

Switch off engine

The motorist should to put the gear on (L) or lower gear then switch off the engine using the key.

For keyless models, motorists should keep pressing the start button until the engine turns off.

If that fails, motorists should put the gear on (L) and push on the brakes firmly and steadily until the car eventually stops.

If this method also fails, they should slowly pull up the handbrake while firmly holding the steering wheel.

However, if all these methods fail, motorists must change the gear setting between (L) and (D) repeatedly.


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