What do delivery bikers really think of UAE motorists?

Dubai: Ordering takeout is a common past-time in the UAE, as scores of residents on an hourly basis have their fresh meals delivered straight to their doorstep.

And while customers are sitting comfortably either at home or in the office, motorbike delivery employees say they put their lives at risk every time they carry out an order.

RoadSafetyUAE and Al Futtaim Honda recently carried out a survey among four prominent motorcycle fleets, and interviewed 222 riders.

The pioneering study looked into the behaviour of other motorists, the self-behaviour of riders, the perception of customers, bike safety and training. 

Thomas Edelmann, managing director of RoadSafetyUAE, said: “Motorcycle riders are amongst the most vulnerable road users and hence, it is important to understand their perceptions and fears in order to work on improvement potentials.” 

One of the most important findings of the survey was the behaviour of other motorists towards motorcycle delivery riders.

The results showed that 78 per cent of cars and other vehicles often do not indicate, leaving it difficult for motorcycle riders to anticipate their moves.

It also found that 77 per cent of cars often cut in front or behind bikers, 68 per cent of cars are often inconsiderate, 68 per cent of vehicles often do not seem them properly, and 56 per cent of other motorcycle delivery riders sometimes ride recklessly. 

Fardeen Sara, General Manager at Al Futtaim Honda, said: “As one of the leading providers of motorbikes to UAE’s delivery fleets, our responsibility does not end by providing the best and safest bikes.

“We also have an obligation to raise awareness amongst other road users to the dangers these riders face each and every day.”

“There is just no steel around them to protect them and we see a growing number of motorcycle delivery riders on UAE’s roads,” said Edelmann.

When motorcycle delivery riders assessed their own behaviour, 94 per cent said they knew exactly what their company expected from their safe driving techniques, 92 per cent thought of themselves as a safe driver, and 19 per cent were involved in an accident within the last 12 months.

However, riders also perceived customers as not understanding enough when they run a bit late, at 43 per cent, and only 51 per cent said they think customers are concerned about their safety.

Regarding their bike equipment, 87 per cent were happy with the quality, 71 per cent were happy with the maintenance, and 69 per cent were happy with the protective gear.

When it comes to their training courses, 91 per cent of motorcycle delivery were happy with the amount of initial training received when first joining the company, and 86 per cent were happy with the amount of ongoing training received.


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