What are the options for probationary worker with no degree but has professional qualifications?

I joined my new company early in February. A six-month probation period was agreed and although I am meeting sales targets, I am not sure if I will be taken on permanently after the initial period as the HR person does not like me. I really want to stay and work here in the UAE. I don’t have a degree but I have a number of professional diplomas. Is there any way of avoiding a ban if I have to leave this job? What are my options? RP, Dubai

Fewer people are now receiving bans than ever before following changes to the rules in January of this year, but in any case someone who is made redundant is highly unlikely to receive a ban no matter how long they have been with a company. There should only be an issue if they were asked to leave due to criminal circumstances. If someone leaves of their own accord, the situation can be different. Everyone must provide the company with at least 30 days’ notice or more if specified in their contract of employment. If a person has been with a company for six months or more and is classified as skill level 1, 2 or 3, which are generally “white collar” occupations, they will no longer receive a ban. It is not essential that someone has a degree to fall into these categories as professional qualifications are also usu­ally acceptable.

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