Watch: Birds in Sharjah are even feeling the heat

Dubai: The summer days are slowly passing by, with the intensity of heat and humidity slowly fluctuating with it.

During the weekend, a man with a bucket full of water was caught on camera as he gave water to a thirsty bird.

The online video quickly circulated across social networking sites and was applauded by residents, who praised the kind gestures of the janitor in Sharjah.

The bird was so grateful for the water that it perched on the cleaner’s head and refused to fly away, and ended up keeping the man company as he brushed the public benches. 

The weather over the next two days is expected to become slightly cooler, with some cloud formation in the eastern region. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said there will be “a slight decrease in temperature and some clouds will appear towards the east”. 

Maximum highs will reach 39C and 44C in the mountain and coastal regions, and 47C in internal areas. The nation is also expected to reach lows of 26C and 28C in the mountain and coastal regions, and 27C in internal areas, with an average level of humidity across the UAE to reach 35 and 90 per cent during the day. 

While it will remain hot and hazy at times during the day, residents will experience light to moderate winds in general, which may cause dust to blow over exposed areas. 

The relative humidity will increase by night and into the early morning, especially westward, with the probability of fog or mist formation.

The sea will be moderate, becoming rough by evening in the Arabian Gulf and the in Oman Sea.   


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