WAM monitors return to normalcy in Hays Directorate after its liberation from Houthi militias

HAYS – Yemen, 13th February, 2018 (WAM) — With solid support from the UAE Armed Forces within the Arab Coalition Forces, the Yemeni legitimacy forces continue advancing on the Red Sea Coast after liberating Hays Directorate in Al Hudaydah Governorate, Western Yemen, as Hays lives its first week after liberation and life returns to normalcy in this strategic city after the Yemeni Resistance was able to secure the Western and Eastern outskirts of the city.

Emirates News Agency, WAM, monitored the return of normal life in the Hays Directorate after its liberation from the Iranian Houthi militias leading to the return of smiles and hopes for Yemeni citizens who suffered due to the terrorist acts.

Currently, security units are spread around Hays Directorate with the aim of securing it. Landmine teams are working on destroying landmine networks, which were planted by the Iranian Houthi militias.

A source in the Yemeni Resistance said in a statement to Emirates News Agency, WAM, that the legitimacy forces backed by the UAE Armed Forces within the Arab Coalition are preparing to carry out wide combing campaigns in farms and areas, which the militia used as dens.

The humanitarian arm of the UAE, the Emirates Rd Crescent, ERC, continues with its diligent relief efforts in the cities of Hays and Al Khawkhah by distributing food baskets to the citizens within the relief and developmental programmes offered by the UAE to the brotherly Republic of Yemen.

The people of Hays were overwhelmed by the liberation of the Directorate from the Iranian Houthi militias and thanked the countries of the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen.

They praised the prominent role of the UAE and for the military and humanitarian support, it offers to liberate and restore normalcy in the Hays Directorate the second of Al Hudaydah Governorate’s directorates.

Hays’ liberation is extremely important as it represents a strategic area for the Iranian Houthi militias because it is located on the Al Hudaydah Tazi and Al Khawkhah Al Hudaydah line. It also represents a pivotal operation in liberating Al Hudaydah as it is at a crossroads. It opens the road to Al Jarrahi, Bayt al-Faqih and Al Hudaydah city.

The Yemeni National Army was recently able to liberate Hays Directorate, South of Al Hudaydah Governorate, in front of the Red Sea Coast, with the help of the Arab Coalition Forces Supporting the Legitimacy, led by KSA and with the participation of the UAE Armed Forces.

With the support of the Arab Coalition and with the participation of the UAE Armed Forces, the Yemeni National Army also achieved great success on the Hays front collapsing the ranks of the Iranian Houthi militias’ elements.


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