Visitor jailed for injuring policeman

The policeman was injured after being pushed by suspect who was sticking massage cards on cars

Dubai: A visitor who pushed a policeman and injured him when the latter tried to apprehend him for sticking massage service cards on car windshields will spend three months in jail.

The policeman was part of a group of officers carrying out a random inspection to stop individuals distributing massage cards to pedestrians or sticking them on windshields of cars in Jebel Ali area.

Once the policeman spotted the 35-year-old Vietnamese visitor placing a massage card on a car’s window, according to records, he went and grabbed his arm in December. As soon as the policeman notified the visitor that he was a policeman, the suspect pushed him strongly and tried to run away.

The policeman fell down and got injured while his partners, who had seen what had happened, chased the Vietnamese and apprehended him.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of assaulting and injuring the policeman who was on duty.

According to the primary ruling, the Vietnamese defendant will be deported after serving his punishment.

The accused pleaded not guilty in court.

The policeman testified that he was part of a team looking out for individuals posting massage service cards on car windshields.

“Once I saw the defendant, I went to him and held his hand … once he heard me saying ‘I am a policeman’, he pushed me hard and ran away. I fell down and got injured but my partners chased him down and stopped him,” said the policeman.


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