‘VIP transfer’ for rogue Indian cops angers Twitter users

The cops were caught on camera beating up two medical students for ‘love jihad’

Dubai: The Indian police officers who were caught on camera beating up two medical students for ‘love jihad’ in the city of Meerut have been transferred out of the city, according to Indian media reports.

Indian news channel, NDTV, reported that the cops were transferred to Gorakhpur, the home base of the state’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath while the students told the channel they feared returning to college. The channel also reported that none of the 18 attackers belonging to a right-wing group had been arrested.

Last week, two students were thrashed by a mob, and the woman was later beaten by police officers for being in the company of a Muslim man. The woman is Hindu.

The news of the transfer got an angry response online, with social media users questioning the state of communal divide and lawlessness in the state of UP.

@joydeepghosh tweeted: “Wow … @meerutpolice week after #MeerutAssault video, rogue cops get ‘VIP’ transfer, no arrest. Just great.”

Tweep @wpimahrashtra wrote: “It proves all this was done with UP government’s ashirwad [blessings]. [It is a ] sort of emergency for minorities and Dalits.”

The UP Police has been in the news for the video as well as the murder of an Apple employee in the state capital Lucknow by a police officer on patrol duty for apparently not pulling over. The incident led to the Director General of UP police, O.P. Singh, to tweet out his official statement, apologising for the incident and adding that the police was striving for a “360 degree reform”.

However, the apology did not sit well with tweeps after the transfer of the ‘love jihad’ rogue cops was reported. Calling the transfer shameful, tweeps said that the police’s actions were apparently speaking louder than their words.

@jaspreet20 wrote: “@dgpup Sir, we appreciate prompt action on Lucknow encounter. However, why no action taken on the Meerut incident? Seems cops have been given ‘VIP’ transfer to #Gorakhpur. Also no action on the right-wing activists who beat the male student.”

Tweep @Samvaidhaanik added: “Not only are autocratic and criminal cops of UP police taken care of with impunity, but they are rewarded with ‘VIP’ transfers. Rule of law has been asphyxiated in daylight.”

@Sonal_MK wrote: “What a shame @Uppolice! In the state capital Lucknow a corporate is shot by a cop and the FIR doesn’t name the cop. In Meerut, the goons who attacked a Muslim man for being friends with a Hindu girl roam freely, while cops who should have been framed for no action get VIP posting.”

@TanvirSalim1 had a grim outlook for the future: “When excessive police force was used on Rodney King March 3, 1991, and white policemen were acquitted then California burned for six days and 63 people were killed, and then eventually justice was delivered. That was United States. What happens in India?”

According to a statement given by the UP police to the Indian media, the transfer was done so that the case could be investigated fairly. However, many tweeps asked whether the transfer was a reward or punishment for what the cops did.

@reddevilanupam had a message for Indians: “Dear #India, is this the nation you want our children to grow up in? By ghettoising minorities and where ‘The Others’ are not allowed to freely socialise? #YouDecide!”


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