Vintage cars to go on display in Ajman

The exhibition is being held as part of Ajman Tourism Development Department’s ongoing community engagement initiative

Ajman: The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) said that it would hold a vintage cars show as part of its ongoing community engagement initiative to partner with the community and promote Ajman as a premier destination for family fun.

The vintage car show will include rarely seen cars including Dodge Viper. The exhibition will be held from 5.30pm to 8pm on July 5 and from 3pm to 10pm on July 6. On Friday, in addition to the exhibit, ATDD will host a public auction where it will sell artefacts to vintage car enthusiasts. The auction will run from 7.30pm to 10pm.

Visitors can also enjoy Emirati food and beverages. Saleh Mohammad Al Geziry, ATDD director-general, said, “The Ajman Vintage Car Show is where the entire classic car community comes together for a celebration of all things on wheels. Whether you are a collector or working on your project car or simply share a passion for the classics — this event is for you.”


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