Video: Priyanka Chopra hides engagement ring from paparazzi

Dubai: It’s old news that Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas are engaged, but Chopra is not ready to talk to paparazzi about it.

In a video that went viral on Instagram today, Chopra is seen taking off her engagement ring at the Delhi airport before stepping out and facing the press.

Well known Bollywood photo journalist Viral Bhayani shared the video on his Instagram page with the caption: “#PriyankaChopra arriving in Delhi after attending #NickJonas’ concert in Singapore.”

In just under six hours, the video had over 300,000 views.

While some criticised her for hiding the ring, her fans loved the short video.

Responding to those finding faults with Chopra, Instagrammer @keepatit_94 wrote: “She is hiding her ring because she wants people to mind their businesses. Leave her alone. Let the woman live.”

However, some thought she wanted attention. @farzanairani replied to the Instagram video: “…it’s so funny that the entire time she did not remember to pull her ring out but once she saw media flashing there camera she removes it. So she indirectly wanted attention on the ring… she is one clever woman.”

And @jwha330 asked: “Why hide it in front of paps? Do it before getting off the plane if you want to hide it, not where it’s obvious in my opinion.”

Instagram user @meghaswana_writes felt it was unfair to criticise and replied: “@jwha330 she is also human. She must have forgotten. Why is it such a big deal?”

However, like a few others @zo_kokolol asked: “What’s the point of such an engagement when you have to hide and explain all your life about your age?”

Videos and pictures of Priyanka Chopra cheering and supporting Nick Jonas during a concert in Singapore on Sunday evening have also gone viral.

Instagram user @pc_our_heartbeat posted pictures from the concert with the caption, “Priyanka being supportive for Nick as always”.


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