Veterinary pharmaceuticals forum opens in Dubai

DUBAI, 25th March, 2019 (WAM) — The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, MOCCAE, today launched the inaugural ‘Forum of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals’ in Dubai.

The three-day forum aims to raise the awareness of veterinarians working in the private sector about the importance of registering veterinary pharmaceuticals, the risks of contraband and unlicensed drugs on animal and human health, and the mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic resistance.

In his keynote speech, Saif Al Shara, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Sustainable Communities Sector at MOCCAE, said, “Livestock is central to the UAE’s food security and diversity. Therefore, veterinary medicines are of great importance in guaranteeing healthy livestock and animal products that are safe for human consumption.”

“The forum responds to the dire need to regulate the trading of veterinary pharmaceuticals to keep a check on these products and thereby ensure their sustained quality and effectiveness,” he added.

In line with Federal Law No. 09 of 2017 regulating the handling, trading, marketing and circulation of veterinary products, MOCCAE has joined forces with stakeholders from the public and private sectors to devise national plans that facilitate the monitoring and rationalise the use and storage of veterinary medicines, particularly antibiotics, as per the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE, World Health Organisation, and Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Offering a host of seminars, lectures, and interactive workshops, the first Forum of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals has drawn the participation of international veterinary and animal health experts from OIE, and from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Egypt, as well as leading local veterinarians, veterinary medicine students, pharmacists, and representatives of concerned entities.


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