Vanity Fair: video mocking Hillary Clinton ‘missed the mark’

Among the suggestions in the video: that Clinton take up knitting, volunteer work or any hobby that would keep her from running again for president

LOS ANGELES: Vanity Fair is trying to defuse criticism of a video mocking Hillary Clinton and her presidential aspirations.

In a statement on Wednesday, the magazine said the online video was an attempt at humour that regrettably “missed the mark.”

Posted last weekend, the video shows editors of Vanity Fair’s Hive website offering toasts and New Year’s resolutions to Clinton.

Among the suggestions: that Clinton take up knitting, volunteer work or any hobby that would keep her from running again for president.

Hive editors appearing in the video also offered her a number of other resolutions to think about.

“It’s time to start working on a sequel to your book, What Happened,” one man says, suggesting it be called “What the Hell Happened?”

Another editor holding a glass of champagne in the video says: “You know how on Anderson Cooper, you were telling him about alternate nostril breathing? You seem really adept. You should try teaching a class.”

The video then suggests Clinton spend more time in the woods, referring to the photo she took with hiker Margot Gerster, who she ran into a day after she conceded in the US presidential race against Donald Trump.

A picture of the pair was posted online and Gerster gushed about Clinton. Some suggested the photo was fake as it was revealed another photo had earlier been taken of the pair.

“Take more photos in the woods,” a woman says in the Vanity Fair video.

“How else are you going to meet unsuspecting hikers?”

A former FBI chief also got a mention in the video, which suggested Clinton should “put away her James Comey voodoo doll”.

At a Women for Women International event in New York earlier this year, Clinton said she believed she was going to win the election until it was revealed Comey sent a letter to Congress in the month before the election saying an investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server would be reopened.

Two days before the November election, Comey wrote another letter to Congress saying there was no new evidence and she would not face criminal charges.

“Now we all know you think that James Comey cost you the election — and he might have — but so did a handful of other things. It’s a year later, and time to move on,” a Vanity Fair editor says in the video.

The backlash included a tweet from actress Patricia Arquette with her own proposal — stop telling women what they should or can do.

The video has been labelled sexist and has sparked the social media hashtag #CancelVanityFair.

The hashtag was started by Clinton’s former adviser Peter Daou, who is encouraging people to boycott the magazine.

Many Liberals claim they are burning Vanity Fair and purchasing online subscriptions, just so they can cancel them.


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