UAE welcomes announcement by Afghan government to extend ceasefire with Taliban

Abu Dhabi: The UAE welcomed the announcement by the Afghan government to extend ceasefire with Taliban, the officials Emirates news agency WAM reported.

The announcement was made on Saturday by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

“The UAE supports Ghani’s announcement to extend ceasefire with Taliban as well as his proposal to begin peace talks,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Government said in a statement issued yesterday (Sunday).

The ministry added that the ceasefire with the Taliban is a fundamental step to consolidate security and stability in Afghanistan.

It praised the Afghan president’s initiative, describing it as a brave decision that would pave the way for peace negotiations between the two sides.

“The UAE appreciates the Afghan President’s continuous initiatives for political solutions and dialogue among Afghans to end violence, a right approach that is necessary to reach a comprehensive national reconciliation that can spare the people of Afghanistan violence and terrorism.”

On June 7, Afghan Taliban announced a surprise three-day ceasefire over the Muslim Eid holiday in the middle of June, their first offer of its kind, days after the government declared an unconditional ceasefire of its own.



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