UAE-USA military training ‘Iron Union 6’ continues

Tue 23-01-2018 22:42 PM

ABU DHABI, 23rd January, 2018 (WAM) — The joint military training “Iron Union 6” between the ground forces of the UAE Armed Forces and the American Military, held on the country, continues its activities with excellent performances from both sides in executing all the requirements and stages of the training.

It aims to reflect the exceptional relations connecting both friendly countries, strengthen the bilateral military ties, raise their readiness, develop their abilities, and enrich the military expertise to achieve integration, understanding and harmony in executing joint military operations.

The training reflected a high-level of co-ordination and integration in the performance and the different roles of the military formations participating in it. This indicates the exceptional level of military readiness of the participants in the training.

The training included a series of joint military training within the framework of a unified strategy to strengthen military co-operation between the UAE Armed Forces and the American Armed Forces in order to unify the joint operations and training method, which keeps up with the latest defence developments globally.

The UAE Armed Forces have been diligent in executing such joint training with the aim of sharpening the abilities and combat capabilities, out of the constant cares of the General Command of the Armed Forces to enhance performance and team spirit based on a clear strategy.

The goal is to elevate the combat readiness of the Armed Forces to use modern equipment and weapons at all stages of the operation and executing non-traditional missions that keep up with modern systems.

“Iron Union 6” training began in the UAE in early January. It included execution of a number of missions and duties with the aim of training on planning, executing, and managing the joint operations between the different units of the ground forces in both countries and achieving the aspired goal of facing the challenges and crises witnessed by the world today.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/Hassan Bashir


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