UAE to participate in Down syndrome congress in Scotland

Dubai: Delegates from the Emirates Down Syndrome Association (EDSA) held the fifth meeting to review the important arrangements for their upcoming participation in the World Down Syndrome Congress (WDSC) in Glasgow, Scotland, in July.

Dr Manal Jaroor, chairperson of the Emirates Down Syndrome Association and chairperson of the congress, said the meeting focused on the importance of achieving the objectives for participation.

“This experience will help us make a valuable contribution to the upcoming world congress in Dubai in 2020, and to demonstrate how far the UAE has reached in the field of the special needs,” Dr Jaroor said.

This year’s congress in Glasgow will see a presentation guide on the UAE, as well as the achievements and services of the EDSA for people with Down syndrome in the country. The official handover ceremony to host the world congress in Dubai will also take place. Nawal Al Haj Nasser, deputy chairperson of the Board of Directors and vice-chairperson of the congress, said hosting the congress in Dubai in 2020 is an important step for the country.

“We are proud to be a leader in this field, and through our representation at the World Down Syndrome Congress, we seek to further enhance our services by having access to the highest level of professional research available and we will be able to better assist people with Down’s syndrome.”

The announcement of the UAE as the host of the world congress in Dubai in 2020 is a great honour as it is the first time a country from the Middle East and North African region will be hosting such an important event, which will gather more than 1,200 experts, specialists and researchers in the field of Down syndrome.


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