UAE Press: Yemenis should unite against Al Houthis

ABU DHABI, 30th January, 2018 (WAM) — Yemen needs peace and stability. More importantly, it needs a legitimate government. The conflict that has dragged on for three years brought only misery for the Yemenis, a UAE newspaper said in an editorial today.

“The Iran-backed Al Houthi militia has completely ignored the plight of the people, and their actions have only exacerbated the situation. Amid the continuing mayhem, Yemeni President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi’s order for a ceasefire brings some respite and hope,” said Dubai-based Gulf News.

“His call, which came after the deadly clashes in the southern city of Aden, was reciprocated by the Southern Transnational Council and it will not only help reduce tension but also unite them in the fight against the Al Houthis.

“The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting to restore the internationally-recognised government of Hadi was unequivocal in its advice for calm and restraint, and it was essential to ensure that the Aden violence does not play into the hands of the Al Houthis,” the paper added.

It continued, “The statement and the communique from Prime Minister Ahmad Bin Dagher helped rein in a situation which could have spiralled out of control, and the rebels would have seized the opportunity to drive a wedge into their ranks.

“The coalition, of which the UAE plays an integral part, wants the government troops and the Southern council to present a united front so that they can focus on political and military efforts to neutralise the Al Houthi efforts to divide the country.

“The Hadi government should also lend an ear to the grievances of the people in the south and address their legitimate demands. It will go a long way in preventing disenchanted elements from sowing sedition and undermining the coalition efforts. The confidence of the south will undoubtedly help unite the country and play an important role in defeating the Al Houthis and the designs of their masters in Tehran.”

The editorial went on to say, “Yemenis have suffered enough. Malaria and malnutrition have ravaged their lives. Famine has reduced them to a state of despair. They desperately long for normalcy and a return to the times before the Al Houthis ran amok.

“War continues in Hodeida and Taiz. The rebels, with military supplies from Iran, are pulling out all the stops to stall the advance of troops in the western and southern regions.”

The paper concluded by saying that at this critical juncture, the government and Southern council should not lose sight of the ultimate goal, the liberation of Yemen from the clutches of the Al Houthis. “Yemenis want their nation back,” it said.


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