UAE participates in meeting of IFAD Board of Governors in Rome

ROME, 14th February, 2019 (WAM) — The UAE is participating in the 42nd Session of the Governing Council of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Agency of the United Nations in Rome, which opened today at the headquarters of the Food and Agricultural Organisation, FAO, in Rome.

The UAE is being represented in the two-day meeting by a delegation that includes Ahmed Al Mulla, Deputy Permanent Representative of the UAE to United Nations, UN, Agencies in Rome, and Yusof bin Hijr, Member of the IFAD Executive Board from the Ministry of Finance.

The launch of the session included a speech by Pope Francis, Head of the Catholic Church, and other prominent speakers, such as Giuseppe Conte, Italian Prime Minister, Danilo Medina, President of the Dominican Republic, Gilbert F. Houngbo President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Jose Graziano da Silva Director general of the Food and Agriculture Organisation, David Beasley Executive Director of the World Food Programme, and Ronda, Agriculture Minister.

The event included interactive sessions on investment opportunities, technical innovations and development challenges facing the owners of small properties.

Its current session aims to mobilise the international efforts to promote inclusive investment opportunities for sustainable development, to benefit rural communities and eradicate hunger and poverty by 2030.

Leaders and experts from the fund, the European Commission, the Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean Group, the Government of Luxembourg and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa will launch an innovative project to encourage investment in rural areas in developing and emerging countries, to help small businesses grow and provide job opportunities.


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