UAE Parliament backs Saudi rejection of US Senate resolutions

ABU DHABI, 18th December, 2018 (WAM) — The Federal National Council (FNC) has expressed full support and solidarity with Saudi Arabia in rejecting recent US Senate resolutions, reaffirming the necessity of all world countries abiding by UN conventions and principles on respecting the sovereignty of world nations and refraining from meddling into the internal affairs of each other.

In a statement today, the UAE parliament said the US Senate stance rather serves the interests of those seeking to undermine regional security and stability.

“All parties concerned are fully aware of the smear media and political campaign targeting the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- leadership and nation. Such campaigns entail maximum caution on the part of all countries and parliaments, specially those of the allies, before they start to propagate unfounded allegations and fake accusations, or engage in defamation campaigns that undermine the regional and global status of the Kingdom and its deeply-rooted, historical role in safeguarding regional and international stability,” reads the statement.

The FNC expressed sincere appreciation for the leading and prudent role assumed by Saudi Arabia in ensuring a coherent Arab and Islamic action as well as its significant contributions to maintaining the security and stability of the Arabian Gulf and to countering terrorism and extremism by providing all necessary military, intellectual and financial tools, not to mention its active engagement in the Global Coalition against International Terrorism.

The statement called on all world parliaments to assume an influential role in strengthening friendship ties and dialogue between world nations and peoples.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed


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