UAE obtains membership of three UNESCO committees

DUBAI, 7th December, 2017 (WAM) — The UAE has obtained membership of three committees of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, due to its role in developing the working mechanisms of the international organisation and its committees, with the aim of achieving efficient communication between its member countries, which would positively affect all segments of the international community.

The three committees are the International Programme for the Development of Communication, IPDC, the Man and the Biosphere Programme, MAB, and the Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport, CIGEPS.

Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education and Chairman of the National Emirati Committee for Education, Culture and Science, stated that the UAE has proved, through its role in UNESCO, that it is capable of providing successful solutions to the current problems being discussed by the organisation, and positively interacting with its member countries.

Electing the UAE as a member of the three committees should promote its position within UNESCO and open greater areas of co-operation and participation with its various member countries, he added.

He also noted that the UAE’s success in obtaining these memberships is an international recognition of its considerable efforts within UNESCO, which aim to find a common ground with its member countries, to develop their communities and achieve greater cultural and professional success.

Al Hammadi stressed that the UAE aims, through its participation in UNESCO, to promote the UN body’s efforts to improve the knowledge and cultural infrastructure of its member countries, which will benefit their communities. The UAE is contributing, with other UNESCO member countries, by launching leading projects, highlighting the role of UNESCO in enlightening communities and promoting the values of tolerance and co-existence, he further added.

The membership of the UAE in the three committees will promote its international presence, by contributing to constructive programmes supported by UNESCO and adopting policies and plans with other countries under an international framework, which will guarantee the exchange of knowledge among UNESCO’s members, to achieve its agenda.

The IPDC membership will help achieve sustainable development and benefit from its information and knowledge databases while publishing them, to enable all local communities to benefit from this knowledge.

In the MAB, the UAE will help preserve the environment, natural resources and biodiversity. The programme includes the drafting of tools, to guarantee biodiversity and a sustainable environment.


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