UAE Minister to be questioned over students’ low scores

Dubai: The consistent low grades of students in public schools has raised parent’s eyebrows.

And they demand an official response.

According to online Arabic news reports, the UAE Federal National Council (FNC) member Salem Al Shihi said that he will call Minister of Education Hussain Al Hammadi to attend a parliamentary session.

Following the appeal of concerned parents, Al Shihi said that the statistics of students repeating a grade and achieving low examination results in public schools have become a cause for concern, and called for the issue to be addressed.   

“The examination results of public students must be clarified, and the community has to find out whether it stems from the students or the curriculum. The poor results in public schools is not limited to a particular student, but to all,” said Al Shihi.

Al Shehhi pointed out that his claims were made after receiving a large number of complaints from parents, whose children are enrolled in public schools and follow the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.  


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