UAE journalists’ association slams Al Jazeera

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Journalists’ Association has reaffirmed that Qatar’s Al Jazeera has been playing a major role in propagating misleading and fabricated news about the Arab countries and GCC states in particular, providing all types of support to terror organisations and entities that promote extremism and sow seeds of sedition in the region.

“The Qatari regime, however, turns a blind eye and rather supports this odd orientation adopted by the channel’s editorial board and management” said the Association today in a statement.

“The channel has forfeited its credibility with Arab audience for its reliance on propagating lies and blowing stories out of proportion to serve its self-styled agenda, fishing in troubled waters by speaking on behalf of banned terrorist groups, primarily Al Qaida, Daesh and Muslim Brotherhood, therefore playing a significant role in inflaming political tension in some Arab countries in 2011,” said the statement

“While denouncing such media lies targeted against the UAE, and other Arab countries, the UAE is calling upon all media professionals in Arab states and the entire world to stand up to the management of this channel and to expose their unethical and unprofessional practices,” the statement concluded.


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