UAE Embassy in Kuwait denies rumour

Dubai: Fake news circulating in Kuwait has caused a reaction from the UAE Embassy, who urged social media users to stop spreading rumours.

On its official Twitter account, the UAE Embassy denied a report over the issue of people without documents to prove their identity.

“The embassy would like to report that the news is completely false, and verification is required before publishing such news.”

What’s the issue about?

In 2017, Gulf News previously reported that the Kuwaiti government refused a proposal by the parliament to grant Kuwaiti citizenship to at least 2,000 stateless people.

The government also said it would consider naturalising those who can trace their Kuwait roots to 1965 without specifying the number of people who would benefit from the process.

In 2010, Kuwait set up the Central Apparatus for Illegal Residents in a new effort to find a solution to the issue and determine those who deserved the citizenship, – including residents whose stateless parents failed to register for citizenship following Kuwait’s independence in 1961.

The agency provides a package of incentives to illegal residents who adjust their legal status and declare their original nationalities. 


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