UAE dams store 1,581,350 cm of rainwater

Thu 18-10-2018 22:13 PM

ABU DHABI, 18th October, 2018 (WAM) — Rains fell on October 16, have boosted the amount of water stored by reservoirs of dams in the country’s Central and Eastern Regions to 1,581,350 cubic metres, the Ministry of Energy and Industry stated.

According to the ministry’s technical teams, the lakes of a number of dams, including Al Qoor, Buraq, Al Khaliban, Al Mastab, and Al Maneii in the Central Region as well as Al Hail Dam in the Eastern Zone were filled with rainwater following the rain.

The ministry urged the public to take extra caution and observe safety measures for their own safety.

Water collected in the reservoirs of dams and barriers, as well as runoff water from valleys, have increased groundwater reserves.

The ministry manages 101 dams and embankments that contribute to the enhancement, improvement and development of water resources, replenish the underground water tables and the prevention of flood hazards.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed


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