UAE aid reaches more than 132,000 in Hodeidah

the UAE has provided 18,943 food baskets in addition to 432 boxes of mineral water to protect public health

Hodeidah: Since June 20, the UAE has provided 18,943 food baskets in addition to 432 boxes of mineral water to protect public health and prevent any diseases caused by non-potable water distributed to 27 districts and areas in Hodeidah.

A total of 132,601 Yemenis benefitted from the assistance including 94,715 children and up to 19,000 women. This has contributed to supporting the stability of the people and helping them to regain normalcy in the newly-liberated areas. This comes within the framework of the UAE’s support for Yemen after the siege posed by the Houthi rebels.

The UAE, through its humanitarian arm, the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) parallel with the liberation of areas of Hodeidah Governorate along Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, is providing more basic and necessary humanitarian assistance and implementing developmental and service projects.

The gesture is part of its humanitarian responsibility towards the fraternal Yemeni people to address difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of actions taken by Al Houthi militias loyal to Iran, aimed at starvation and intimidation of the Yemenis.

The aid, which commenced last June, includes the distribution of food baskets and humanitarian aid to the population of the liberated areas in Hodeidah as part of an air, sea and air bridge from the UAE to the population of Hodeidah to help them overcome the repercussions of the Houthi siege.

Saeed Al Kaabi, UAE Humanitarian Operations Director for Yemen, said that providing help for the people of Yemen is the main concern of the wise leadership of the UAE and its continuous directives to provide urgent and immediate relief to all districts in Hodeidah after liberation from the siege of Houthi militias.

Al Kaabi added that the UAE’s humanitarian aid and development projects in Hodeidah aim to enhance the capabilities of Yemeni citizens in addressing the dire humanitarian conditions resulting from the developments in the country, in addition to improving their current conditions and contributing effectively to the return of normalcy.

He also pointed out that the UAE has spared no effort to help the people of the liberated areas in Hodeidah through the ERC, which reaches out to all the affected Yemeni people to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches its beneficiaries.

Al Kaabi indicated that the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces in collaboration with the ERC, on Saturday, announced the successful implementation of its food drop in the Northern Tuhaita province of Yemen.

The ERC dispatched an emergency relief bridge consisting of ten UAE vessels carrying 35,000 tonnes of foodstuff, as well as an emergency aid airlift that includes seven flights carrying 14,000 food parcels to the Yemeni people. Also dispatched are 100 trucks carrying aid purchased from local markets.



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