UAE a strategic partner for world peace, says Archbishop of Toledo

VATICAN, 1st February 2019 (WAM) – visit by Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, to the United Arab Emirates between 3rd-5th February will contribute in enriching values of peace,tolerance, interfaith dialogue and cultural exchange, said the Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain Braulio Rodriguez.

“The Catholic Church views UAE as a key strategic partner and a regional role model for tolerance and peaceful co-existence,” he told Emirates News Agency (WAM) today.

Rodriguez also underlined the UAE’s move to name 2019 as the ‘Year of Tolerance’, saying that it tells of how naturally tolerant are the people of the UAE.

“Pope Francis is keen on working with the UAE to instill these noble values. His selection of Abu Dhabi as a venue for his first mass in the Gulf is certainly not a coincidence.”

WAM/Hassan Bashir


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