Two bullies convicted in Abu Dhabi mall assault

Abu Dhabi: Two teenagers were put under a 24-hour surveillance system for one year after the court found them guilty of assaulting a child in a shopping centre.

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The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department convicted the two juveniles on Monday for jeopardising the safety of the child in a shopping centre, after beating him and causing injuries and bruises.

The victim was left unable to properly move for 20 days after the assault.

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The court also announced that the verdict was postponed for one year, during which the accused will be put under electronic police surveillance system as an alternative to short-term detention.

The court will be provided with an updated report of their behavior and conduct every three months.

The electronic police surveillance system was implemented in October 2017, and consists of an electronic bracelet used to determine the geographic location for those under surveillance.

The GPS-operated electronic bracelet ensures that convicts are monitored for 24 hours a day.

“This will help convicts participate in rehabilitation and training programmes to ensure their integration into society,” said the Abu Dhabi court.  


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