Tweeps rejoice over news of Pakistan’s first Sikh newscaster

Harmeet Singh is a resident of Chakesar, a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province

Dubai: Tweeps in Pakistan were ecstatic after a newly launched news channel in the country announced they had hired a Sikh man as a newscaster. Harmeet Singh, a resident of Chakesar, a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, has joined Public News.

The news channel shared a video introducing him on their twitter page and wrote: “Pakistan’s 1st Sikh news anchor Harmeet Singh ….”

In the video clip, Singh says: “I feel good to be the first news anchor representing the Sikh community. My thought was to portray a positive image of Pakistan. About the minorities in Pakistan, you hear a lot of rumours around the world. We have to show that minorities are safe and our life is normal here.”

After their announcement, Shiraz Hassan @ShirazHassan, a Pakistani journalist associated with BBC, tweeted a picture of Singh with the caption: “Harmeet Singh, #Pakistan’s first #Sikh newscaster is set to shine at upcoming private news channel Public TV.”

This lead to a lot of support for Singh on twitter.

Tweep @jaffari512 posted: “Isn’t it amazing?! Harmeet Singh is all set to shine on upcoming channel ‘Public News’. He’s going to be the first Pakistani Sikh newscaster. Jeo veerayy!”

@i88yy shared a selfie with Singh and tweeted: “Harmeet Singh, #Pakistan’s first #Sikh newscaster on a national channel. Wishing him all the best! #PublicNews”

Raminder Jit Singh, @ramindersays, a Sikh residing in Jammu and Kashmir, India, also joined in on the support.

He tweeted: “Nice to see Sikhs shine on Pakistani media channels.”

This is a first in the history of Pakistan’s electronic media, as stated in a report published by Daily Pakistan, a daily English and Urdu newspaper.

@Harpreetlaw tweeted: “Now waiting a for a Sikh to be selected for the Pakistan cricket team.”

Singh is a Pakistani-born Sikh and completed his masters in journalism from Federal Urdu University in Karachi. He started his media career as a reporter with ATV, another television network in Pakistan.

Many tweeps even hoped this would bring some positive change for the minority communities living in Pakistan.

@PakiWanderlust: “More power to the minorities. They have suffered way too long.”


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