Travex – The world awaiting online travel portal getting live soon


UAE, Dec 30, 2015 –  The new online travel portal – Travex is getting live soon. Travex provides travellers the complete assistance. It includes the A to Z information which a traveller should be aware. The services which Travex provides is unlimited. It is a huge information provider. The information regarding travel visa, arrival-departure details, major cities, car rentals, currency details, stay details, shopping facilities and so on. The list goes on.

“When you have our app, You will not need a map” this is tagline which Travex put forwards. Travex actually mean this.. Travex online portal is also an interactive point where you could share your exciting travelling experience with the world. The travel e-magazine, which you could get from Travex site, can act as a complete travel guide. Along with travel e magazine you could also download Travex app. As mobile phones are the regular companion of the people this app will be highly useful.

In Travex project, Technomobs involved in web designing and development. According to Technomobs, it is challenging project. More than a information provider Travex is a highly interactive functional platform. The final works  are actively happening in Technomobs.It is sure that Travex will grab the attention of the travelers. Definitely travex will be in user’s favorites list.

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