Time for Swara Bhasker to resign as “PM of India”?

Swara Bhasker should resign as “PM of India”, says Indian Twitterati. Here’s why.

Dubai: On Monday evening, Indian Twitterati asked Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker to resign as the Prime Minister of India. Confused? This was a satirical Twitter protest by some of Swara’s fans. Here’s why.

Bhasker is often seen using Twitter to speak up against social crimes and question the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for a lack of corrective and preventive action.

Earlier this year, Bhasker urged her co-stars from the movie Veere Di Wedding — Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor Ahuja — to join her in social media placard protests against the Kathua and Unnao rape cases. Right-wing trolls had then demanded that the movie be boycotted. Instead, it ended up being a profitable venture.

Last month, more than 42 girls were raped in the state-run shelter home in the Indian state of Bihar. Following this, trolls demanded why Bhasker and her Bollywood friends were not holding a placard protest for the incident. Indian journalist @sardanarohit joined the bandwagon. In a tweet in Hindi, he asked Bhasker: “In Bihar, 34 girls were raped. Why did no Bollywood star hold a placard-protest? Just asking.”

To this, the actress (@ReallySwara) replied in Hindi: “But sir, Bollywood is not in power, governance is not the Bollywood’s responsibility. Why don’t you ‘just ask’ the government and those in power, such questions?”

Bhasker’s friends and supporters came to her defence, demanding why the trolls are not asking the government for their maintained silence over these rapes. Moreover, they started a trend on Twitter, where they blamed “PM (Prime Minister) Swara Bhasker” for everything wrong with the current Indian government and asked her to resign as the Prime Minister of the country.

From bad governance, to increase in rapes and lack of jobs, tweeps used the hashtag #SwaraMustResign to take a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s failures.

@Joydas tweeted: “RT (retweet) if you don’t want Swara Bhasker to become PM once again in 2019. She has failed to deliver on her promises since becoming PM in 2014. She has ruined the economy, failed to provide jobs, failed to provide security to women, allowed scamsters to loot and escape.”

Some jokingly super-imposed her face on to Modi’s pictures.

@RoflGandhi_ tweeted: “PM @ReallySwara shared the stage with a fraudster, the nation wants that. #SwaraMustResign”

Twitter user @swamv39 noted: “In 2014, Prime Minister @ReallySwara during her election rally blamed UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government for [India] being the world’s top beef exporter. It has been four years since her government is in power. India is still the top exporter of beef. #SwaraMustResign”

And tweep @Ssaniya25 posted: “In 2014, Prime Minister @ReallySwara promised to send all politicians with criminal backgrounds behind bars, but as per reports, her party has the highest number of MPs [Members of Parliament] & MLAs [Members of Legislative Assembly] with cases of crimes. SwaraMustResign”

Twitter user @GirishNaught asked: “Where are the jobs, @ReallySwara, where are the jobs? We’ll not make you PM again if you fail to create jobs.”

Some, however, called this a lame attempt by supporters of the left and opposition parties.

Tweep @reveurnocturne posted: “Tagging Swara Bhasker and claiming her as the PM is the lamest attempt by liberals. Whoever came up with this idea deserves to be fired if they are a part of (opposition), the party’s IT (Information technology) wing.”


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