Three of the best mobile apps that will save you money

Hotel Tonight

Benefits: Launched this month, this app markets the rooms that hotels have not sold. You can book up to seven days in advance for up to five days and the app covers 35 different countries. Because it sells rooms that would probably remain unsold, its discounts can be generous. It has over 100 of Dubai’s hotels signed up to date. Beware of: You cannot search for a hotel, just the area you want to stay, for example, Dubai Downtown or Marina.

Beam Wallet

Benefits: A mobile payment solution, Beam Wallet makes it OK to forget your purse on a trip out. To sign up, download the app from the app store or the Beam Wallet website and link your credit, debit or prepaid card to you account. Then swipe your phone over the Beam reader. Customers can make savings such as Dh30 for just signing up, Dh20 if you invite a friend to join.

Beware of: There are 1,500 UAE stores signed up to Beam Wallet, so many do not accept it as payment.


Benefits: This personal finance app was developed in the UAE. It tracks your financial expenditure, compares it to your income and logs your expenses. Wally includes a scanner that pulls the data from your shopping receipts. It claims it can deal with all currencies from the US dollar to the Congolese franc.

Beware of: While it is free now, there are plans to add premium features, such as currency conversion, from around 49 US cents to $4.99.

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