TheNational@7: A booster for financial literacy, innovation and SMEs

For Emiratis and expatriates alike, the UAE is a land of abundant opportunity. But in business and our finances, opportunity can also bring new risk.

Securing the UAE’s economic future has always been a focus for The National, and one recurring theme of its reports has been on improving the financial literacy of those living here, who too often incur crippling levels of debt.

The newspaper’s own stories aimed at helping our readers manage their money better combine with coverage of efforts by the Government, banks and organisations such as the Emirates Foundation.

Encouraging opportunities to bring creative entrepreneurship to bear on the UAE economy is critical for the future, highlighted by the government’s decision to name 2015 as the Year of Innovation.


The National’s Road to Safety campaign

Initiatives encourage healthier lifestyles


Another of our campaigns promotes innovation as the key to diversifying the economy away from extractive industries.

Our Business section has highlighted companies and entrepreneurs that use outside-the-box thinking to get ahead, with the idea to encourage the kind of ingenuity that will deliver on the country’s aspiration to be a knowledge economy.

This has been complemented by our focus on the growth of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are the lifeblood of the economy. The National has offered free advertising to such businesses to help them grow, also in line with Government efforts to increase the sector’s contribution to the non-oil economy.

Each day we seek to share the stories of local business owners, family firms and innovators, from prominent endeavours by leading members of the business community to lesser-known gems drawn from the suggestions we receive from our readers.


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