Takaful Fund comes to aid of Dubai Police officers in need

Dubai: Roughly Dh1.8 million in assistance went to Dubai Police employees who required financial and health support during 2017, said officials on Thursday.

Brigadier Mohammad Al Murr, director of the Human Rights Department of Dubai Police, said the Takaful Fund helps police employees who need any kind of financial help.

“The fund helped 1,526 cases in 2017. We had employees who required financial or health support. Five cases of assistance were for employees who needed money when their homes were destroyed in fire incidents. It is a way to support our employees to make them happy,” Brig Al Murr said.

He said they assisted 11 employees last year and paid Dh104,800 for their medical treatment, and had 99 humanitarian cases of employees who required Dh1.1 million in assistance.

“The humanitarian help means providing wheelchairs, paying school fees of children and buying medical equipment for them, if needed,” he added.

In one incident, an employee had been facing debts as he had five children and the fund helped him with Dh30,000.

So far this year, the fund has helped four humanitarian cases with Dh60,621.

He said the employees can soon access the Takaful Fund online to save their time and effort in visiting the fund’s office.

“All requests will be received online soon. In the past, the person who required help needed to come to the department with a written request for help but with the new system, they will save their time and effort,” Brig Al Murr said.

Lt-Colonel Saeed Abdul Munim, head of the Human Services Section at the police’s Human Rights Department, said the fund has helped many employees in critical times.

“There is a cooperation with charity institutes in Dubai to provide the fund. The fund helps many employees who go through hard times,” Lt-Col Abdul Munim said.

The fund, which was established in 1989, also helped 94 people of determination last year.


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