Suspected thief poisoned to death


A Muslim youth was badly beaten up and poisoned to death in Bihar on the mere suspicion that he had stolen a goat in the locality.

Mohammad Akbar, 20, was at his home in Aurangabad district on Sunday when some villagers from the same community called him in and took him outside the village. On reaching there, they questioned him about a missing goat which Akbar denied stealing.

The still suspicious villagers then forced him to swallow poison, saying he would not die if he had not stolen the goat. However, when his condition deteriorated the villagers dumped him near his home and fled. He was rushed to a local hospital but died on Tuesday.

“They killed my son by force-feeding him poison, blaming him for stealing a goat. I want justice,” victim’s father Mohammad Aslam told the media yesterday.

The family registered a case with the police but the accused persons are yet to be arrested. According to family members, the victim in his dying declaration named seven of his neighbours. They videotaped his statement before death.

“We are investigating the case and action will indeed be taken against the accused persons if what his family saying proves true,” a local sub-divisional police official PN Sahu told the media.


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