Smart cradle rocks babies to sleep

While the Snoo does not come cheap it may be worth it for sleep deprived parents

Image Credit: AP

This January 3, 2017, photo released by Paul Zalewski shows his infant daughter, Ruby, in a smart-tech sleeper called the Snoo, which gently rocks and jiggles babies to sleep from birth to 6 months old.


New York: A smart-tech baby bed called the Snoo has changed the sleeping game for some new parents.

It’s the brainchild of Los Angeles peadiatrician and parenting guru Dr. Harvey Karp. Babies are swaddled, then zipped into a mesh sack and placed on their backs in the Snoo. The device gently rocks them to the whooshing sound of white noise. The sound and rocking increase if babies don’t settle.

Relieving parental sleep deprivation doesn’t come cheap, however. The Snoo costs $1,160 (Dh4,260).

Snoos are also being used by hospitals for babies born dependent on opioids because their mothers used drugs. Those babies typically experience disrupted sleep, but at the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital in Lexington, the babies can now be seen sleeping soundly in their Snoos.


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