Sharjah Girl Guides organises activities to inspire youth

Book hunts and researching techniques among the activities held at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival

Sharjah: A unique set of reading and book themed activities are being organised by the Sharjah Girl Guides to inspire youth at the ongoing edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (SCRF 2018).

Through a series of innovative challenges, Sharjah Girls Guides is introducing young members of the general public including teachers, parents, and renowned international guests to its overarching goals of leadership, development, and creative problem solving.

Among the upcoming activities being organised is a creative workshop on pencils and bookmark decoration from 10am to 8pm at the Sharjah Girl Guides stand and will continue to stir children’s imaginations and creativity until the festival closes on Saturday.

Also, an exclusive activity designed for guides, youth aged 12-15, will be hosted on Friday to test their literary and intuitive skills called ‘Hunt the Book’. The activity includes a treasure hunt where 25 guides will have to follow clues hidden throughout the Expo Centre which will finally lead them to their prize.

Highlighting the significant role a literary platform dedicated entirely to the youth plays in furthering Sharjah Girl Guides’ visions and goals,

Shaikha Abdul Aziz Al Shamsi, manager Sharjah Girl Guides said: “Each year, the festival offers us an unprecedented access to the young populace of Sharjah and the UAE, and becomes a networking ground for us as we meet and exchange notes with several government entities, regional and international publishers, and organisations working in children’s development.”

He said it also gives them an opportunity to enhance the awareness of youth about the importance of developing their reading habits and offers a window to showcase their projects to parents and teachers.

“This year, our guides are at the forefront of all the interactive workshops and competitions we are hosting, as a way of motivating them to enhance their leadership skills by taking on bigger responsibilities.”

In one of the workshops that took place called, The ‘Search for Me’ workshop Sharjah Girl Guides organised a set of exciting games, teaching young students the right techniques to quickly get to the information they are looking for in books, and ultimately seeks to increase participants’ reading and focusing skills, and ignite a passion for science and discovery in them.

Sharjah Girl Guides aims to inspire and nurture future generations to become progressive global citizens by providing a platform to develop to their fullest potential.

The 10th edition of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival runs until April 28 at Expo Centre Sharjah under the theme ‘Your Future … Just a Book Away’.

The festival’s events span several programmes, under the main themes of Kids Activities, Cultural Programmes, Cultural Cafe, Kids’ Creative Cafe, Social Media Cafe and Cookery Corner.


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