Senior Community Relations Officer – Parsons International Limited – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Responsible for the general coordination between the project and stakeholders relations, to hold meetings frequently with stakeholder team where the main objective is to identify all stakeholders and to recognize the impact of the project on them.

Prepare a detailed stakeholder and communication plan to be executed until the completion of the project.

This is including direct collection of stakeholder data to be transmitted to method department for integration in our method drawings.

To ensures that all stakeholders are contacted on a regular basis and informed about project updates, status and any other event that could affect them and their properties.

To report updates about the project and publishes project status internally and externally in addition to communicating concerns and challenges whenever observed.

To support and manage the implementation of project communications programs which spread awareness about the project and discuss major public concerns.

To ensure that all the necessary permits and approvals are obtained on time in order to comply with time schedule and avoid any disturbance and inconvenience in the process. He communicates with the responsible authorities for necessary and immediate action. This is covering SIS, Cold Permit, Road Opening Permit, MOE permits.

Manage the Approval Consents and Permits Tracker report to be communicated internally on a weekly basis.

Manage the Call Center and is involved in training staff on the proper way to react to a crisis and communicate it to the HSE manager. And to manage the staff shifts for the Call Center to be successfully operated 24/7.

Resolve any issue related to stakeholders on a timely manner. And to report the issue to the concerned department and implement the necessary future prevention measures.

Collect the necessary utilities network data not only from stakeholder but also from other on-going, past or future Construction Packages.

Reporting day to day to Method department.

Work closely in a team spirit to advise and alert about utilities clash (existing, potential or future).

Being the link with authorities to present and get approval of mitigation measures proposed by VCGP to the stakeholder.

Formalize official mail to stakeholder mainly to get their formal approval on VCGP proposed mitigation or corrective measure.

Prepare and manage Handing over document. (to VCGP and back to third party).

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-06-30
Job Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Job Role: Marketing and PR
Company Industry: General Engineering Consultancy

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor’s degree

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