Scores of Houthi militia fighters surrender amid Brigades al-‘Amalaqah’s advancement towards Al Barh City -Update

Mon 07-05-2018 20:11 PM

YEMEN, 7th May, 2018 (WAM) — Brigades al-‘Amalaqah (Arabic for Giants) are continuing their advances across Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, gaining control over the mountainous areas located on the entries towards the strategic city of Al Barh, west of Taiz, after liberating Mocha and Al Wazi’ya junctions in yet a new heavy military blow, supported by the UAE Armed Forces and Yemeni National Forces, that inflicted heavy material and human damage on the Houthi Militias.

In the meantime, Arab Coalition Forces’ jets launched a series of raids on Houthi-controlled sites, targeting the rebels’ reinforcements, including their arms caches.

In addition, more than 20 Houthi snipers were killed after confrontations with Brigades al-‘Amalaqah on the mountains overcoming Al Barh, including field commanders, with large numbers of the coup perpetrators fleeing the area en masse.

Fields reports confirmed that the Brigades al-‘Amalaqah have gained full control over Mocha and Al Wazi’ya junctions in addition to the mountain range overlooking the main road where Al Houthi snipers were stationed. The bridges are continuing to tighten their noose on the militants who are fleeing the battle scene after sustaining heavy material and human losses.

Yemen’s Red sea Coast is witnessing large-scale battles on the Mocha Al Barah Junction, west of Taiz, over new areas, with the UAE Armed Forces, within the pro-legitimacy Arab Coalition, seeking to liberate the regions from the grip of the Houthis, secure the Red Sea Coast and lift the siege on Taiz from the West.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed/Hassan Bashir


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