Scattered rain, dust expected until Monday

Low pressures in the Arabian peninsula push clouds that bring rain towards the UAE

Dubai: Some scattered rain and hazy conditions are expected to persist over parts of the country this weekend stretching up to Monday due to low pressure areas in the Arabian peninsula.

The UAE will have cloudy to partially cloudy skies on Friday with chances of scattered rain over the coast from Abu Al Abyad in Abu Dhabi westward to Sila, over the islands and over Fujairah, according to the weather bulletin of the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Southeasterly becoming Northwesterly winds, with speeds of 20km/h to 30km/h, with gusts of 40km/h, will lash the country on Friday.

On Thursday, many parts of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, and parts of Abu Dhabi received light showers.

The weather conditions are due to an extension of a low pressure from northwest of the UAE, particularly on the Saudi-Iraq border, and a surface low pressure in the central part of Saudi Arabia that causes the movement of clouds from the kingdom to the western part of the UAE. The movement of clouds in different periods also bring chances of scattered showers in the west and east as influenced by a surface low pressure from the east, particularly in Oman.

Similar conditions are expected on Saturday, although the trough of low pressure over the Saudi-Iraq border in the upper layer of the atmosphere will deepen gradually, continuing until Monday. An extension of surface high pressure from western Saudi Arabia, a trough of surface low pressure from the Red Sea and warm and moist air from the southeast will push the clouds from central and southern parts of Saudi to move towards the UAE, bringing intermittent rain, according to an NCM weather alert.

Motorists are advised to exercise caution as Southeasterly becoming Northwesterly winds, blowing at speeds of 20km/h to 35km/h, reaching 45km/h, will kick up dust in exposed areas.

The Arabian Gulf will be rough while the Oman Sea will be moderate from Saturday to Sunday.

Temperatures will fluctuate this weekend. Dubai’s minimum temperature will drop to 23 degree Celsius on Friday and will rise to 25C on Saturday while its maximum temperature rill drop from 38C on Friday to 34C on Saturday.

Similar fluctuations are expected over Abu Dhabi and Sharjah with three to four degree fluctuations in the maximum temperature in the afternoon and a slight one to two degree difference in the mornings.


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