Saudis fined for illegal hunting in Azerbaijan

Manama: Three Saudis detained in Azerbaijan for illegal hunting are likely to be deported.

They were caught on Sunday in an anti-hunting raid conducted by employees of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on the Mahmudchala hunting farm, the ministry’s press service said in a statement carried by the Azerbaijan Press Agency (APA).

Three hunting rifles and six cartridges were seized in the raid, and each of the Saudis was fined 2,000 manats (Dh4,321).

According to the news agency, the ministry will direct the State Migration Service to deport the three men.

Saudi social media users stressed in their comments the importance of their countrymen complying with local rules to avoid trouble.

“It is fair that they should be fined and deported because they broke the rules,” Amlor Ali posted. “They should comply with the regulations both at home and abroad.”

Another user under the moniker of Mhmam said the hunters deserved the punishment because they thought they could break rules and get away with it. “Let this incident serve as a lesson so that they know how to behave both at home and abroad.”

However, Azzooz said people should not be too harsh on the hunters.

“Maybe they thought that it was legal and they did not realise they were breaking the law,” he said. “They should be given the benefit of the doubt instead of being accused of recklessness.”


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