Sanity of technician who killed boss to be examined

Medical committee to assess suspect’s mental condition when he stabbed boss for denying him leave

Dubai: A special panel of psychiatrists will evaluate the sanity of a technician, who was accused of killing his supervisor because he had disapproved his request to go on leave.

The 25-year-old Pakistani technician was reported to have submitted a request for leave but could not travel because his Indian supervisor disapproved the request in August 2017.

A week after submitting the leave request, the technician came to know that his supervisor had not approved his leave. When the technician tried to discuss the issue with his supervisor, the latter refused to speak to him.

Then he had a heated argument with the supervisor, after which he killed his supervisor and tried to kill another co-worker.

Upon arriving on the murder scene at a labour accommodation in Jebel Ali industrial area, police found that the co-worker had restrained the suspect, who had tried to kill him with the same knife with which he killed the supervisor.

After the accused entered a not guilty plea, the Dubai Court of First Instance decided to have him examined by a special committee of psychiatrists to assess his mental condition.

The court-appointed lawyer argued in court that his client suffers from mental instability and is not responsible and cannot be held liable for his criminal behaviour.

The court referred the suspect to sit for a sanity test and the medical committee will have to submit its report by the end of this month.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said the suspect had planned to murder his supervisor in advance and once he bumped into him, he stabbed him repeatedly with a knife and killed him. He also attacked his co-worker with the same knife.

Dubai Police forensic examiner confirmed that the victim succumbed to fatal knife wounds in the aorta, kidney and lungs.

A police brigadier told prosecutors that the on-site investigation confirmed that the suspect had killed his supervisor due to work-related and accommodation problems.

“A witness, who was interrogated on the crime scene, said the suspect had hidden the knife in his dress. When we arrived at the accommodation, the co-worker had restrained the suspect, whose hands and clothes were covered in blood,” the brigadier prosecutors.

The suspect was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that he had requested to go on leave one week before the incident but when the supervisor refused his leave request and scolded him, he got angry and stabbed him.


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