Sania Mirza gives it back to a troll

My country’s Independence Day is tomorrow, tennis ace replies to a troll questioning her loyalty to her country

Hyderabad: Ace tennis player Sani Mirza, who is often trolled on social media for her marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, has once again given a fitting reply to those questioning her loyalty to her country.

Sania who is in the last stage of her pregnancy and spending time at her Hyderabad home took to Twitter to shut down a troll who had sent her a sarcastic greeting message to her on August 14 asking, “Isn’t your Independence Day today?”

August 14 is Pakistan’s Independence Day while India celebrates it the next day.

In a sharp reply, Sania tweeted, “No it’s not. Mine and my country’s Independence Day is tomorrow. And that of my husband and his country it is today. Hope your confusion is cleared! By the way when is yours?? Since you seem very confused….”

Recently Sania had said in an interview to a magazine that many people had a wrong notion that she married Shoaib to unite India and Pakistan.

“A lot of people have this notion that Shoaib and I got married to unite the two countries. That is not true. Whenever I have been to Pakistan — and I go once every year to meet my in law — the love that I get there is immense. The whole country calls me bhabhi and they give me so much respect.”


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